Fuji X100s

The more pictures I take the less hardware I seem to carry.  Don’t get me wrong I am a toy freak.  I love photography and I am always looking to purchase something to go with my cameras.   Before when I would leave the house going on vacation or a day trip my camera gear would out way my over night.

Recently it seems my selection has dropped the only thing now is carrying to many cameras.  I sometimes like to carry many different cameras a digital, something for lomography and sometimes a film camera.  But my every day DSLR gear has dropped to a body and maybe two lenses.  I will carry either my two Tamaron lenses 17-50mm f2.8 and the 17 -270mm.  The other combination is my Tamaron 17-50mm and my Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L series.  I will occasionally carry a flash and tripod but these two rigs cover everything I need.  Prior to that I would carry three to four lenses with a tons of extra hardware and at the end of the day using one lens.

So when I came across the Fuji X100s it was a dream come true for me.   I love the fix focal length because it forces me to really plan my pictures.  The setup for me is awesome if you take it out of auto you learn so much about f-stops and shutter speed.  It also scares me not to have another camera with me.  Some how I will miss a shot and a I have.  Still learning how to be quick on the draw.  Something that having a zoom lens  makes easy.

So I have shot this camera around the house with stationary objects and posing the kids, dog, and friends.   My first real tryout was at Put In Bay.  I was scared that I would not be able to get all the shots I want.  So I hid in my backpack my Canon SX40 with 35x zoom gave me a little insurance.  Also, I  have given up on sniping pics when I am on vacation.  I believe if I have to pull it in with 40x I wasn’t there in the first place.  So the 35mm of Fuji was an awesome choice.

Owning this camera also cuts down on extras and keeps the amount of equipment I would have to  carry.  It is small and easy to carry.  I recently purchased a filter and the sun shade.

One of my favorite features is the film bracketing.  To be able to take a pic in three different film styles.  Mine currently is set as standard, B&W with a red filter, and Velvia,

So if you looking something above a point and shoot that will give you the control of a DSLR.  This is a great camera.  The improvements from the X100 to the X100s are great.



Barber shop downtown Sandusky, Ohio

Analog Photography

I am hooked on analog photography.  I just love the look that film gives.  Dont get me wrong I am still shooting my 7D and am looking forward to Canon’s new releases.  Was interested in the 6D and now that they are coming out with a 7D mark II,  I am looking forward to the release of that too.   But I have the analog bug and I can tell you that it helps me shoot digital too.

It all started off with a trip to Aperture in Cleveland, Ohio and analog camera store to pick up a battery for my fathers old Polaroid 210.  Because of the corrosion in the case I have not been able to get the camera to work.  When I get some time I am going to try to rebuild it.  When I couldn’t get the polaroid to work I went back just to look.  I wanted so bad to have a polaroid because I remember tons of family pictures taken in that format.  That is when I purchased the Diana F+ .

My first attempts to where horrible I was so use to having the camera doing so much of the work.  From choosing the aperture, the shutter, focusing, and the biggest mistake was forgetting to advance the film.

Now my skills have gotten better and I enjoy shooting with film.  Things I have learned is to invest in a light meter.  I have not gotten to the point where I can estimate the light and shutter speed.  With the toy cameras you have only hand full of aperture and the shutter speed is the same for them all.  Next purchase a tripod.  With the long shutter times often needed while shooting indoors you would not be able to hold the camera steady.  Finally shutter release cables are excellent for long exposures and keeping the camera from shaking when pushing down on the shutter.   Also, another trick i have learned is to use the timer when mounted on a tripod.  It gives you time to move your hand away and the camera to stabilize before the picture is taken.

So Now my analog camera collection is growing and will continue to grow.  I currently have the Polaroid 210, the Diana F+, Polaroid 600, Polaroid 300, Yashica 635, Ansco 620, Kodak Starflash, and a Holga 120N that shoots 120 and polaroid.

Analog camerasMy future purchases would be a Pentak 110 with auto winder.  I would like a format camera that shoots 4×5 or 8 x 10.  I am going to my folks house and grabbing my Vivatar 110.  Keeping my fingers cross I will be snatching one of my dad’s Konica cameras.  Also would like to pick up a Canon 35mm.  Hopefully, it will work with my newer lenses.

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